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A young successful and happy store owner using laptop to get a custom legal document in minutes on Contract Sprint

Custom legal documents done in minutes 

Documents so good you'd think an actual attorney drafted them!
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Three easy steps and get
a lawyer-grade document

Three smartphones illustrating the three step process for creating a custom legal document.  First phone states "Pick document."  Second smartphone states "Customize it." And third smartphone states "Buy it."

What comes with my submission?

Legal documents so good you'd think business attorneys drafted them!
An example non-disclosure agreement.
Example comments from experienced business attorneys explaining key provisions in a legal document.
An example custom email memo explaining key highlights of a legal document.
An arrow pointing to example comments explaining key provisions in a legal document.
An arrow pointing to an example non-disclosure agreement.
Caption: Explanations from experienced business attorneys tailored to your unique business risks.
Caption: A professionally designed agreement so good you'd think an attorney drafted it.
Caption: A custom email memo from an experienced attorney explaining your legal document.
An arrow to an example custom legal memo highlighting key terms of a legal document.

And all delivered in minutes!

Explore documents by category

An NDA graphic with the caption: Free non-disclosure agreements for life.

Free NDAs For Life

Free NDA means FREE (not "free if").  And for life.  No charge.  No credit card.  No conditions. No B.S.  (just your social security number - kidding!)

Co-founder Jonathan Page serving co-founder Nicholas Broder red wine with the caption: Nicholas and Jonathan serve as corporate and employment counsel for restaurant groups with several hundred employess to over 1,600 employees! They bring their legal expertise to made-to-order legal documents designed for restaurants!

Restaurant Documents

Our Legal Team collaborated with experienced Restauranteurs to design powerful Restaurant Documents.

Mega-agent John Zercher smiling and holding a cup of coffee with the caption: John Zercher is a Mega-Agent and the CEO of the Dwell Collective.  He leads a team of 20 real estate agents and support staff, who close over 250 homes yearly.  He meticulously helped design each agent legal document.

Real Estate Documents

Our legal team collaborated with Mega-Agents who manage large real estate teams to design our Real Estate Documents.

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