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Co-founder Jonathan Page holding a bottle of red wine and thought bubble "This is win-wine-win all around!" and co-founder Mariana Page with thought bubble: "Is he serious?" and in the middle title: Pilot Program

This Document is Coming Soon.

  • Need it now?  Then join our Pilot Program. 

  • How it works.  You give our legal team valuable insight.  We use your insight to develop your legal document.  You'll receive the legal document you need in a few weeks (not minutes), but at no charge. 

  • You'll be helping other business owners and entrepreneurs like you gain access to custom legal documents done in minutes.

  • Join the program by filling out the form below.  We'll circle back around with you in less than 24 business hours to start the process.  

Here are the Pilot Program details:

Attend up to (3) meetings with our legal team.  Each meeting may last up to one (1) hour.  During these meetings we'll learn what you are looking for and what information is helpful to you in receiving a the legal document you requested.

Within one (1) week of the last scheduled meeting, you'll receive your legal document, tailor-made to your exact specifications.  No charge.  Just our thank you for helping us improve Contract Sprint.

Our legal team will provide up to two (2) rounds of revisions, if needed, after you receive your legal document.  Win-win for everyone!

Participation in the Pilot Program is conditioned on your completion of the form above, acceptance in the program by our team and if accepted, execution of our Pilot Program Agreement, which ensures we retain ownership over any jointly developed intellectual property.  Remember, we are attorneys.  You shouldn't expect any less from us.

Our office dog Hopper saying "This Contract thing is so easy, even humans can do it!"

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