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Contract Sprint Pricing

Simple and no B.S.  Because you have a business to run and deals to make. 

You will be charged only when you request a legal document.

Price per document


Assignment and transfer agreements, bill of sale, simple promissory note, company resolutions and others

$55 / document


Employment and 1099 Contractor Agreements, Customer Contracts, License Agreements, Affiliate Agreements and others

$95 / document


Operating Agreements, Employee Handbook, Purchase and Sale Agreements, Asset Purchase Agreements and others

$195 / document

Optional Attorney Support available with every purchase

Simple pricing for Attorney Support



/ document

/ document

Legal team reviews your form submission for accuracy and corrects issues

Communicate directly with Attorney by email about your document

Unlimited revisions made by the legal team for 30 days

LIVE Attorney consultation to answer your questions about your document

Cursory review of any legal document (even from other attorneys)

Free Now

*Subscription options will be introduced soon.  Stay tuned for even more value!

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