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Co-founder Nicholas Broder confidently pointing to "Are quality legal documents costing me more time and money than they should?"

Are quality legal documents costing me more time and money than they should?

Yes, they are!  Use Contract Sprint and get custom legal documents so good you'd think an actual attorney drafted them - but, in minutes and for a lot less money.  Compare your options below.
A smartphone with a man asleep and the caption: "Slow and expensive legal documents done right: Hiring a business attorney."


  • Business attorneys are great for complex legal transactions, like mergers and acquisitions and business disputes (assuming you engage the right one)!  Heck - business attorneys built Contract Sprint! 

  • If you engage an experienced one, they'll get you the right legal document for the right situation.



  • Be prepared to wait.  For awhile.  The attorney will need to schedule a consultation (2 weeks out).  And then perform an intake.  And then another consultation (1 week out).  And then spend ten plus hours drafting your document (after they finish with the other 20 clients projects on their list). 

  • After 4 weeks of waiting, you'll finally receive your legal document - in draft form - meaning more revisions and more waiting.

  • Next, watch out for the surprise law bill!  For flat fees, expect to pay at least $1,000 up to $10,000 for a legal document.  Most attorneys, however, bill you for every 6 minute increment. 

  • Hourly billing means the attorney has no incentive to solve your problem quickly.  You almost always pay for time spent, not results achieved or value gained.  Every time you call your lawyer with a question - or they send you a quick email - the clock is ticking and you get a bill for tiny increments of time.  It makes you not want to call - even when you need a legal document.   



  • For drafting legal documents, hiring a business attorney the traditional way is likely wrong for you - too slow, way too expensive, no accountability and no proven value. 

Option 1:  Hire a Business Attorney

Option 2:  Use those other online legal docs


  • You'll receive fast documents.



  • Can you say generic?  The "Zoom it" platforms and the "lawyers on rockets" are fast, but you also get one-size-fits-all documents, with zero consideration for how you are positioned in the deal and your specific business interests.  No customization for legal risks.   No explanation. 

  • They simply hired a programmer to produce a fast legal document.  That means you get generic and you can't trust generic and template documents for your business.

  • On top of that, the billing is complicated.  Oftentimes, you don't know the price for a document until after you've invested time and energy into filling out a form.   And then there are a zillion upsells - an upsell for more documents, an upsell for subscription, and an upsell for their favorite coffee vendor!


  • You can't trust generic and template documents for your business.  Fast doesn't mean good.  And your business deserves better.

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A smartphone of a women upset and the caption: "Fast and generic legald documents done wrong: Using those other online legal docs"
A smartphone with co-founder Nicholas Broder confidently pointing up and the phrase: "Fast and affordable legal documents done better:  Contract Sprint"

Our documents are designed by experienced business attorneys.

  • Familiar with Jarvis from Iron Man? Our automated legal robot is like a Legal Jarvis, but programmed by attorneys and paralegals experienced in business law.

  • With each legal document, we built a decision tree that accounts for every possible situation we’ve dealt with in our combined 30 years of serving 8-figure and 9-figure business owners. It’s like a robust checklist that helps you identify the legal risks important to you and then prepares the document based on your exact specifications (in minutes, not weeks).

  • On top of that, our legal team reviews every submission for quality and accuracy. You get the best of both worlds. Legal Jarvis plus a high powered legal team to check the submission.

  • Those other online automated document creators like the "Zoom it" and "Lawyers on Rockets" don’t have a Legal Jarvis. They simply hired a programmer to produce a fast legal document. 


Our documents are template-free and tailored to your business

  • The Consultative Forms change the questions based on how you're positioned in the deal and your level of risk.  No two documents are the same.

  • With those other platforms, you get generic and you can’t trust generic.


Our documents help you get better business results.

  • Our legal documents are special.  We are committed to helping you understand how to use your document to get a better business result.

  • Video tutorials and written explanations help you select the best answers.  Our proprietary contract creation software then builds a contract (in minutes) based on the unique risk factors and business goals revealed in your answers. 

  • After every submission, you’ll receive your document along with the comments and explanations from experienced business attorneys.

Our pricing model is simple.

  • We have three document types - Simple, Advanced and Complex.  This means three prices.  A flat fee for Simple Documents.  A flat fee for Advanced Documents  And a flat fee for Complex Documents.  That helps you - with predictable costs.  No brainer.



  • Well, there you have it.  With Contract Sprint, you get custom legal documents done in minutes and so good you'd think a business attorney drafted them.  There's only one step left to take.  Pick a legal document and experience the difference.

The Solution:  Custom legal documents done now

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