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Custom restaurant documents delivered in minutes

And tailored to your restaurant as if you hired a lawyer (but without costing $5 grand)
Co-founder Jonathan Page on the left with caption: "Real Corporate Lawyer for Restaurants" and co-founder Nicholas Broder on the right: "Real Employment Lawyer for Restaurants."
Round restaurant table with a cloth set for two persons isolated on white background
Our Featured Contract: 
Owner/VP of Casi-Cielo Juan Henao with captions: Team Leader: Juan leads a team of 1,600 employees, who operate more than 20 restaurant locations"; Industry Leader: "Under his leadership, Juan has spearheaded the development of new restaurant concepts"; Results Focused: "Juan has helped grow restaurant operations from a few locations to more than 20."

We know restaurants:

  • . . . because we are restaurant owners. 

  • Our attorneys and paralegals partnered with successful restauranteurs, like Casi Cielo Owner Juan Henao, to develop legal documents for restaurants. 

  • This means better business results.  This ain't no Zoom baloney. 

  • These documents are tailor-made for the restaurant industry and full-customizable to your specific business needs. 

  • Start sprinting today!

Familiar with the 80-20 Rule for Tipped Employees?  Watch these videos.


Built for restaurants by restauranteurs and attorneys

  • Designed by Restauranteurs and Attorneys

  • Fully customizable to your specific legal risks

  • Video tutorials to increase comprehension

  • Attorney comments included

  • Submissions reviewed by our legal team

  • Documents delivered in minutes (rather than waiting weeks) and ready for execution

  • Quick, easy, and convenient!

Our office dog Hopper with the thought bubble: "This contract thing is so easy, even humans can do it!"

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