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Catering Agreement

Catering Agreement
Co-founder Nicholas Broder looking confident and pointing to the Catering Consultative Form.

Why have a Catering Agreement?

A restaurant setting with a graphic of an agreement and the title: Catering Agreement: Ready Now: Click anywhere to start drafting."

A Catering Agreement is a type of vendor agreement, designed specifically for restaurants.  A well drafted Catering Agreement goes beyond simply the order and venue details.  For example, will you require payment of an initial deposit to secure a catering date?  Under what circumstances will you refund the deposit? Or, is the deposit non-refundable, even if the customer cancels the event well in advance?  Can the customer avoid a cancellation fee if the event is rescheduled?  You should clearly detail how to address each of these situations in a written Catering Agreement. 

Other provisions might include a minimum number of parking spaces, a requirement for the customer to furnish plates and silverware, and a delivery fee for travel over a certain distance.  It’s critical you address these different scenarios in a formal written document, executed between you and your Customer.  Our Catering Agreement helps you successfully deal with each one of these issues and more.  You can tailor the agreement to achieve your unique business goals and interests.  Don’t wait.  Use our Consultative Form above to get your Catering Agreement today.

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