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Non-Disclosure Agreement

  • Complete the Consultative Form below to receive fully customized NDA in minutes (so good you'd think an actual attorney wrote it). 

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  • Download our NDA Checklist, outlining the 6 most often ignored and overlooked terms critical for any NDA,

  • Learn why it's critical to have an NDA to protect your information assets.

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Get to know your NDA.

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NDA Checklist, outlining the 6 most often overlooked and ignored terms critical for any NDA.

Download our FREE 
NDA Checklist

This Checklist outlines the 6 most often overlooked and ignored terms critical for any NDA.  It can help you avoid millions of dollars in potential liability and ensure you protect your most valuable information assets.   Or better yet, get our NDA above for free and for life.  Our NDA ,will guide you through each protection and more.   


Why have an NDA?

A non-disclosure agreement (aka NDA) protects your information assets from unwanted disclosure.  This includes your intellectual property, business secrets, and information that gives you a competitive advantage in your market. For many businesses, the information assets are the most valuable business assets, like a customer list or a unique business process.  Protection of this information is vital. Having a non-disclosure agreement should be part of your normal business practice for many other reasons too:

A non-disclosure agreement, also known as NDA
  1. A written agreement helps avoid confusion around what the parties consider “confidential information.”  Imagine you disclose a key business process and the recipient of that process then uses parts of it for its own commercial advantage.  As a result, that party gains market share that would have otherwise been reserved for you.  Your recourse now is to file suit on a verbal contract?  You can do that, but the Recipient is likely going to take the position that you said the business process was not confidential or proprietary.  The Recipient will make it appear that everyone uses a process like that.  Had you executed a written non-disclosure agreement, however, the parties would have agreed in advance to keep the business process confidential.

  2. A written agreement spells out the specific expectations for the use and disclosure of the “confidential information.”

  3. It’s much easier to enforce your rights if you have a signed written agreement.

By the way, our NDAs are free.  No catch.  No gimmick.  It’s our give back to small busines America.  Get your NDA today by filling out the Consultative Form above.

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