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Operating Agreement

Operating Agreement
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Get to know your Operating Agreement.

Co-founder Jonathan Page smiling with two captions; first caption: Jonathan Page is a co-founder of Contract Sprint and Chief Visionary of InPrime Legal and has helped 8-figure and 9-figure businesses scale big and scale with confidence!  Now, he brings that expertise to businesses of all sizes; second caption: The Masterclass: Jonathan explains LLC Operating Agreements

Why have an Operating Agreement?

LLC Operating Agreement

One of the primary aims of state legislatures in enacting LLC Acts was to provide LLC members "freedom of contract," giving owners nearly unlimited flexibility to tailor their LLCs in their operating agreements to meet their business objectives.  Although the LLC Acts contain default management and ownership provisions, these provisions fail to deal with many of the most critical business situations and are not desired. 

What happens if an owner dies?  Or, becomes permanently disabled?  What if the owners simply fall out of favor?  How do you resolve owner disputes?  Your LLC operating agreement should provide guidance and direction on all these critical business situations.  Our Contract Sprint Operating Agreement allows you to tailor your LLC to your business specifications.  Get started on your Operating Agreement above!

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